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Jan 9, 2019
Too bad Hawes!
No threes! We need some defense.
How about another flagrant foul!
Great defense....Cook!
Wade with the 3!
The officiating the tonight is horrible.
Ugh, 3 free throws...
Jimmy Clark at least called the flagarent foul!
@doctorb, I haven't missed a home game yet. For those Beasley naysayers, his ability to create shots last night was big and I agree with Ira that he was much more agressive on defense. As long as the Haslem jumper is working, he doesn't need to develop as quickly. Diawara looked outstanding on defense against Richardson. I think last night was our best Q4 defensive performance of the season although I realize Gerald Wallace wasn't in the lineup.
I thought the officiating at the game was not particularly great last night. In particular, Eric Dalen (no. 75) was awful. When I googled his name this morning, it sounds like he is a first year referee and the one that called four of five fouls on Andrew Bynum in a recent game. That said, with the height that Toronto has, it was apparent they weren't going to allow D-Wade unfettered access to the basket. When opposing teams use that strategy against the Heat, the referees will play a bigger role in the game.
Mario Chalmers had 7 assists and 2 steals. I thought he played good defense and what goes un-noticed is that he gets back on defense faster than any guard we've had in a very long time which prevents the fast break points. I personally like Spoelstra's offense of kicking the ball out to Quinn, Cook, Chalmers or Diawara (I did not include Blount). It then opens the lanes up for Wade, Beasley, Marion and Haslem. I also noticed the Heat executed on some quarter ending shots. We haven't seen those plays work in a very long time. A nice win for the Heat tonight!
Ira, can we get off the point guard topic. Yes, Mario Chalmers is a rookie but he can play defense and get steals and he handles the ball which has significantly reduced the number of Wade's turnovers this year. I also noticed that he gets back on defense faster than any other point guard the Heat have had. Damon Jones, Rafer Alston, Jason Williams, none of those guys played defense like he does. This conversation really should be about getting a center. When we play teams like the Lakers and Memphis, we need a center like a young Alonzo Morning.
"If Chalmers holds as the starter, it's a bold and correct decision by Spoelstra. This season is as much about the future as the present." Thank you Ira!!!! - Go Heat!
Ira, thanks for acknowledging the recent play of Mario Chalmers, Marcus Bank's defense and our guard controversy in Miami. IMHO, I would like to see the rookie start. If he gets into foul trouble, then at least you have some depth on the bench.
I agree cruicruise, when your rookie point guard puts up 11 pts on 3/3 3pt shooting, 10 assists, 4 steals and the game winning shot -- you would expect more optimism from Heat fans and the local media. Also, Chalmers only had 2 personal fouls and he matched up against Tony Parker most of the game. Parker played 27 min. to Chalmer's 31 min. I think some people are still recovering from last season. It was a nice win for the Heat tonight.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2008 on Heat 96, Spurs 93 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Hey Ira, I agree with some of the other Heat fans that you need to chill about our point guards. Give them a chance to find their role in the Miami offense. We won our championship with Gary Peyton and Jason Williams. I was at the game on Sunday Night versus the Pistons and I was impressed with Mario Chalmers. He had a few turnovers but the two steals and his pass to Wade for slam were extraordinary. Chalmers also was very active on defense, something we haven't seen since Peyton left town. Marcus Banks also played well last season before he got hurt and some forget that he averaged 12.0 points during the 05-06 season. He also plays defense. It's only one exhibition game and it's nice to be deep at point guard so Wade doesn't have to play that position.