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Martin Schäfer
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Hi Joe, thanks for your regularly updated and informative blog, I've learned quite a bit here. Currently I'm preping for a 24h race at the end of August that features a hard course with lots of climbing. Last year I raced there mostly in HR zones 3 and 4 which was very demanding. So how should the peaking look like in general when taking on the specific race characteristics. I've already got a really solid aerobic base, have done climbing intervalls and form is where it should be. Now for peaking would it be better to do long (4-5 h) zone 2-3 workouts until short before the race to further boost aerobic fitness or should I reduce the volume and concentrate during short workouts on my climbing? I'd appreciate if you could give me some advice in which direction to head. Greetings, Martin
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Aug 2, 2010