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Shawna Martin
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Three words to describe my ideal kid-proof sofa: brown leather craigslist.
Ahh! My daughter is currently obsessed with Rapunzel, and she likes to unroll the toilet paper and pretend it's her long hair. She hangs it from the top bunk of her bunk bed so her friends can climb up!
Totally true! I actually like it when my husband is out of town because my workload seems cut in half!
Oh shoot. I better start playing with my kids more instead of tidying up. That would make me sad if they didn't speak to me for several years.
YES!!!!! And apparently their relatives and grandmothers (chief toy-givers to all children, don't you know) have really elevated yuppie taste! If only my mom had not introduced my daughter to the disney princesses via that cheap-o costco table 2 years ago. Now everything in our home is pink and plastic.
I have noticed that most of the feature home owners have only one child. That is an unfair advantage!
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Aug 18, 2011