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Marti Pieper
I'm an author, collaborative writer, and editor.
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Thanks so much, Cheri. I'm sorry I didn't see this until now, but I do appreciate your taking time to read and comment. I loved your words of wisdom about ICRS as well!
Sarah, Thanks so much for your work in putting this interview together. I appreciate the opportunity to sit on the other side of the interview desk for a change! Blessings.
My pleasure, Miralee. You gave lots of great advice. Thank you!
Thanks for this clear explanation, Crystal. And I agree. I've faced some of these issues in writing my "Obie" (real-life miniature Schnauzer) column for SISTERHOOD magazine and am glad to know I handled them correctly, even for teens. As writers, we don't want to mislead anyone--especially those precious little ones. Blessings!
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Thanks, Ava, for reading and sharing your thoughts. I agree: Twila has much to share.
And thanks for your great answers, Twila. I think people will glean a lot from your hard-earned ; ) wisdom!
"A creative idea, excellent writing, and a clear market"--words to remember. Thanks, Bob (and Sarah). I appreciate your insights!
Great interview! I love both the creativity and the perseverance involved, Janet. I just learned of a first-time author who wants to learn about how to market her work. This blog is the first place I'll send her. Thanks to both of you!
Thanks for the fresh insights. And I agree: Enthusiasm sells. It's always fun to hear new ideas. Thanks to both of you!
I knew bits and pieces of your story, Kathy, but enjoyed reading more about the journey. You're a great example of watching where God works and joining Him there in your writing. Thanks to you and Sarah for sharing.
Thanks for this helpful information, Cat. I have clickable links on my blog for sharing to social media, but I love the suggested tweets I'e seen on others' posts. Thanks for giving tech-challenged authors like me such helpful, practical information. As always, you rock!
I love libraries and librarians (especially my cousin, a research librarian at Washington University). I can't imagine not using our local library. I've never thought of some of these relationship-building ideas, though, Connie. Thanks so much for sharing.
Great interview! You are so right about the enemy fighting against us as we right, Marlene. And, sad to say, I can identify with your false marketing expectations for the established publisher, too. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
I love (and hate) this, Janet. So many times I find myself failing to truly listen--to people and to the Lord. Thanks for this sweet reminder!
Thanks for sharing, Marsha (and Sarah). I love the way God has used your unique personality, gifts, and experience as touchpoints for your readers. And I agree that asking the publisher for needed items is not only acceptable, but a great idea. Sometimes, we have not because ask not. I appreciate your insights.
I feel the same way as Richard. And as someone who, years ago, didn't always use contracts in my writing relationships, I can see why speaking contracts are essential. They protect both the speaker and the venue. And besides that, they're biblical. After all, God made some significant contracts with His people. Scripture calls them covenants, but they're the same thing. Thanks, Laura!
I loved the interview, too. I can imagine some of my family members doing the wave-over-the-fence thing, too! And you are SO right about writing being a privilege, Linda. I needed the reminder.
Thanks, Connie. I thought Angie did a great job!
Haha, I think we made a great team, Angie. Thanks for giving our readers so many helpful insights!
These are some great tips, Laura. As someone who's a writer first and speaker somewhere down the line, I appreciate hearing from someone with a clear gift of communicating her message through speaking. Thanks!
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I enjoyed reading your story, Sherry, and seeing the ways God has moved through both the writing and marketing of your work. Enjoy that soon-celebration of your newest book-baby, too!
I don't normally like posts that induce guilt, but in this case guilt may prove a good motivator. Lots of fantastic ideas here, Cheri. Thanks!
Much as I'll miss your unique brand of wisdom and snark, I think you've made the right decision. You've served us well. And you have more to say, do, and write elsewhere. Blessings and (only because I'm grateful) GO DUCKS!
I loved the others in the WEDDINGS BY BELLA series and look forward to this one. Fun, but must all good things really come to an end?
Thanks for these thoughtful insights, Karen. It was great to meet you in person at the Florida conference, and I look forward to seeing you again. I'll be praying about your book projects and waiting to hear about the great things God does.
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