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Marcus Fox
Las Vegas, Nevada
I love the Colts!
Interests: photography, college football, colts football
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He's killing me in my fantasy league.
Who should I take in my suicide pool? I'm thinking either the Chargers or the Falcons. I really don't think the 49ers are as bad as their record, but west coast traveling to east coast... I like the Chargers (a lot), but should I save them for later?
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on Week 4 Early Lines From The Guru at Gridiron Guru
I don't think Shanahan would've beaten the Colts, but I do think the Broncos would've been a playoff contender (both this year and last year). The reason for the Broncos success at the beginning of the season in 2009 was because of the 3-4 defense. Mike Shanahan would've figured that out. Plus, Cutler to Marshall had the potential to become an historic passing duo (Manning to Harrison, Marino to Clayton, Montana to Rice). Josh McDaniels is the problem in Denver.
On a side note. Should I take the Falcons this week in my suicide pool? In the offseason, I picked the 9ers as the sleeper team to come out of the NFC. I really don't think they're as bad as their record. I don't like them going 0-4, but west coast traveling to the east coast and playing in the morning usually means a loss. I think firing yet another OC is bad for the 49ers. I think that the lack of continuity on offense is Alex Smith's biggest problem.
Hey Jesse, I'm not an MJ fan myself (I live in Vegas and we're just not very fond of him). But I've gotta say that you're right. Jordan was the Bulls, and everyone around him (even Pippen) were role players. With Lebron in Miami, he practically becomes a role player- since it's basically Wade's team.
Hey Tyler, I actually think the Dolphins are coming out of the East. With Brandon Marshall they have a legitimate shot at sweeping the Pats and they swept the Jets last year. They have the best running game (when healthy) and I think that Henne has more upside than Sanchez. The main weakness with all of the AFC East is no pass rush- so there should be quite a few shootouts.
That's a lot of money to spend on the D-line, and I don't think you're giving Williams enough credit. He was a stud before Cleveland went to 3-4. I think Suh is the Albert Haynesworth of the Lions. Adding Haynesworth to the lineup would give you a problem similar to the Redskins- since he would sometimes play DT and sometimes shoot the gap and play NT.
All rookies have a hard term picking up their new offense (even Matt Ryan had a dramatically reduced playbook), so Rodgers taking a year to pick it up is not that uncommon. Smith is the product of Urban Meyer, who doesn't care about his quarterbacks after they go pro, he would've had a hard time transitioning to any system. Since Rodgers came from a pro style offense in college he transitioned to the pros more smoothly. Are you even sure that Smith won't lose his job to David Carr?
This is Marcus (Blue Horseshoe). I gotta say that I totally agree with this article. The city of New York would be a great host for the Super Bowl, but a cold weather game is just plain silly. The Super Bowl is supposed to be the two best teams playing the greatest game of the year, under ideal conditions. Why can't NY build a dome or stadium with a retractable roof (like Indy and Dallas). The only reason not to is because they think it gives their teams some sort of advantage. This is a passing league, and no one wants to see Peyton Manning and Drew Brees handing the ball to some running back for 60 minutes in the Super Bowl. I'm glad somebody wrote this article (you've got to change something on Type Pad because your name is nowhere to be found). I would've written something on it- except it's not really relevant to the Colts (other than the fact the we'll be playing in the Super Bowl in 2014). Marcus
What's up Ike, Peyton is probably the biggest factor of why they keep winning. But, the draft is too. Antoine Bethea was a 4th rounder and Robert Mathis was probably the best fifth round pick of this decade. As for Peyton's heir... I have that on my list of upcoming articles. Not that I think he's getting beaten up. I just think that next year their are probably 4 first round caliber quarterbacks. Jimmy Clausen lasted to the middle of the second round, I don't think the Colts would wait that long to pull the trigger if one of these guys slide to them... at pick #32.
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