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Mar 2, 2011
Hi Luana, thank you for acknowledging this earthquake and putting the call out to action. When the first big quake happened last September, it was pretty serious but because it happened in the night, noone was killed and few injured. The frequent and strong aftershocks since then further weakened buildings until the big one last week. It struck at lunchtime, and this plus the already compromised buildings meant that it wrought damage to life and property that is beyond understanding. My husband drove down with a car of water and supplies to give out to friends two days afterwards and while he refused to take photos, the TV images and the descriptions I have heard of a city I lived in for eight years, are just heart breaking. A dear friend and businesswoman I know who lives there posted this on her Facebook age: "Before Christchurch was the city we know and love, it was the city of our foremothers' and forefathers' dreams. This is our opportunity to dream again, with a little more foreknowledge of what may come our way!" This is the fighting Canterbury spirit that we kiwis know so well. With the kind of universal support happening, Christchurch will rise again. Thanks for being you and wading on in there to help!
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Mar 2, 2011