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Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...
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Taking into account the German Romanticism thing (German was one of my almost majors in college, so I am kind of cheating by knowing about that) I would say it is a play about Love, Hope, and, somehow...reincarnation - the chance to come back and do it better next time. OK. That's not specific enough, right, so I will imagine a story...about 2 lovers, separated by fate or chance...who are reunited at the end of the story. A happy ending...I am imaging that because I like stories with happy endings. And because Stephen is involved, I know it will have awesome music, and I would go see it just because of that.
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Amazingly enough, my not particularly theatre-loving spouse has requested tickets to this show! I'm not sure how it got on his radar, but clearly something interesting is happening here!! :-)
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Feb 28, 2011