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Mary Brundage
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Sounds like something my husband would do! He's the ultimate cookie monster.
I remember riding in the "way back" seat of my parents' station wagon. This was the third row seat that faced the other direction so you could wave and make faces at the cars behind you. It was awesome! Of course, there were no seat belts in the way back seat. I climbed trees, rode bikes everywhere, walked to school, etc. My oldest is only 2, but I really hope that I can back off enough for her to explore things on her own. Lately, whenever she falls down, she says "I'm okay" since that's what I have told her (even if my heart skips a beat when she takes a tumble). I really want my kids to be able to take fall and just brush themselves off and get up again (this really goes against my initial reaction of swoping right in). Another good read on this topic is the Last Child in the Woods. Highly recommend it.
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Dec 8, 2011