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Mary Chamberlain
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I am just catching up on blogs tonight and I noticed that your son's fb team is the beetdiggers which is funny b/c we live in Eastern Oregon (which is a lot geographically like Eastern Colo.), and we grow a LOT of beets. Ok 'we' don't, as 'we' are dairy farmers, but our neighbors do. Our county is known for onions and beets. Fun little fact.
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We are fair folks too. However we stick to the dairy barn. My husband and I both used to show (my in NC him in OR...yeah it's a crazy love story). Our little man is only 3, but he seems to like the idea. You don't want to show open class? ;-) It's certainly not nearly the same. Maybe some farm/fair themed fabric for all of us fair junkies?
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! at makelifesweet
First thank you for posting. I have the same issue with my blog. I find myself so concerned about ideas other than creative ones that sometimes it has to come-out on the blog. Second. You live in a State similar to where I live. Oregon. People think of the super green 'side' with trees...lots of green trees. Maybe the coast or Bend. Rarely the other HALF of the state (where we live) the flat high dessert half. Where trees don't really grow, and things are rarely green. We also get HOT and SNOW. Short days in the winter, super long ones in the summer. Thanks for posting, and for making such wonderful fabric/creative ideas!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2012 on My Colorado at makelifesweet
I have made that cake before! It is really good!! I love the PURE line. My cousin's little boy was born 2 months early. I made a baby blanket for him out of it because it just seemed to fit him. Now he is 6months old and doing really well. Thank you for such an inspirational line of fabric!- Dairygal (aka Mary Chamberlain :
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