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Really well written...I am an "old neuro nurse" who was diagnosed at age 49 after having lesions for probably 25 years before-read as normal scans. Yes, there is a good thing about diagnosis, mobilization and you have the best-a supportive caring family...I try to blog every day but not always about the MonSter...well, maybe it is all about living with the MonSter. You know that little ankle biter. Let's join forces and slay it. Best to you and yours. Mary Gerdt
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2014 on Multiple at rodcorp
Thanks for this. I agree w/number 1.signed, Illinois flatlander
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2012 on Town Meeting: Three Views at Vermont Tiger
I feel it is futile to write to these politicians. I will blog my heart out until censored. Then some will stand and wonder who took away their voice. Will they do a hollywood movie about that?
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2012 on The Evil Twins: SOPA & PIPA at Vermont Tiger
My heart goes out to you in your fight for property rights. Blasting mountains and demanding neighboring landowners to obey is plainly wrong. Thanks for telling your side.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2011 on The Wind Hits Heavy at Vermont Tiger
The system is flawed of how Vermont assesses property taxes, collects, redistributes, rebates, prebates. get real. We pay $500 a month for an old unpainted house and some land the town was going to take for being 9 months late after this family paying for 100 years. 251 towns collect taxes differently and assess differently. get real.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2011 on This Old House at Vermont Tiger
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May 4, 2011