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Namondo kamara
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It is March again On the 9th of March 2005 it was Monjowa,March 8th 2007 it is Bate Besong and Kwasen Gwangwa'a both actors and mentors in Monjowa's life. It hurts and the loss is so great that it is irrepairable.What really went wrong? What can one say. You both wrote beautiful and meaningful eulogies for her and now here I am speechless and with a dry mouth.Should say rest in peace or what?I know not what , but you've gone the way of all men, and we also await ours, so long.and this peom is for you both. POEM Talent is inborn It can be achieved to a measure All of you had it in boundless measure. You passed it onto those willing to learn You all were not selfish with it you did all to instill excellence but death the enemy of goodness as usual came as a thief in the night and stole you away with no shame thank God for your sharing spirts so you have left footprints in the sands of time. Namondo Kamara!!!