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I'm a writer and teacher of writing living in rural Maine.
Interests: WWII Submarine history; gardening with perennials, orchids; dogs, horses; country walks; sailing the Maine coast; family; reading and writing; teaching writing and ESL.
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Wally: Dale Carnegie, in his classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People" reports almost the same experience as you had, and it taught him (eventually) that listening 75% and talking 25% was the most effective way to deal with people. I'm not there yet, but I'm finding it's so much more interesting this way, than the echo-chamber I used to live in.
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Tabor: I see D.C. as having good mass transit, at least compared to Portland, Me., which has none. Everyone is thus forced to own a car, and the narrow streets weren't made for the current population, so are jammed - especially in the winter with high snowbanks on either side. And thanks for the invite; next time, we're there! And Wally: Thanks for the Demille recommendation. We're always looking for good light reading since Robt. B. Parker seems to have gone to shorter and shorter Spencer books, and James Lee Burke's veered off into hellacious violence. I'll look into Demille.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2009 on Coming Home III at full fathom five
Ahh, consensus on infrequent/low fertilizing. That's just what I need to hear, works in with my normal habit of tough-love for my plants. Thanks notdotdot and joared. And Ruthe: I'd love to put this old girl outside for the summer; I know she'd love it. But she's too big, at this point, for us to move around any more!
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