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Don't know that I'd blame the 6th century. Jews and Christians were civilized way before then.
How about just "Stop existing"? That's what the old perv would really like.
Thank you, Pamela, for publishing this. As a Christian, I cannot thank you (and NYP) loud enough or long enough.
"... she now regrets moving her family to the U.S. and believes they would have been better off in a village in her native Dagestan." The U.S. would have been better off, too. By quite a lot.
He's already confessed. What part of "I did it" don't these zombies understand?
Always someone smaller or weaker than they are, too, especially babies and little girls. They sure wouldn't have lasted long in the Old West. How do you say "coward" and "bully" in Arabic?
At least Media Matters repeated your main point coherently – right in their headline no less. Any reader with a brain can draw a conclusion from that. How does it feel to be a “hate group leader” for pointing out the obvious? Haha! Such desperation on their part!
Oops, wrong article. I meant the terrorist who blew himself up, although it will eventually apply to these creeps too.
"A man reaps what he sows." (Galatians 6:7) Some people believe it; some don't. This one does now.
If anyone ever wondered who the mystery deity "Allah" is, this should clear it right up.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2012 on They have their priorities straight at Atlas Shrugs
Q: Why do Muslim women have to wear burqas? A: Because Muslim men haven't figured out how to make Popeye's invisible paint yet.
Let's see ... You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to be beaten, you have the right to be cheated on and treated like dirt, you have the right to be killed. That and what Keith said -- very astutely, I might add.
Where do they get all this crap to abuse people with? Slavewhips and Beyond? Must be in the mall right next to Acid-R-Us.
I love and respect the U.S. military, but there really is no such thing as an "invitation" from your commanding officer, not if you value your career, and your C.O. from his C.O. the same way. And remember who's at the top of the food chain right now.
Reminiscent of the early martyrs and the craziest of the Roman emperors after too many years of drinking too much wine out of lead cups. Only the pagan gods had different names then and there were no mainstream media to bury the stories, so they got out a little better than they do today.
That should keep 'em out. Derelicts who don't respect their country or other people's rights are going to respect canvas flaps?
Good for you! What is the matter with those morons?
Here's what I just sent the CEO: Dear Mr. Marshall: After reading the referenced article which was published today online, I am left with only two questions: 1) How did Mr. Stephen Eckley ever land such a prestigious job with your hotel chain by treating customers with such rude distain? and 2) What is his incentive for maligning and offending good, decent Americans like Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer? I’ve been reading both of these fine peoples’ columns regularly for years and never picked up the slightest hint of hatefulness or what your errant spokesman refers to as “enraging people to the point that violence has been imminent.” If the enraged “people” he refers to can’t control themselves when others peacefully disagree, isn’t it incumbent upon them to invest in anger management counseling, or have themselves restrained where they can’t hurt anyone until they are able to learn basic adult coping skills? Why does the rest of the country have to give up its right to free speech out of fear some fringe special-interest group might become displeased and throw a tantrum? The Constitution does not guarantee the right not to be offended, but it does protect the right of all citizens to tell the truth as they see it. Mr. Eckley's strange alliance of violent adult babies also has rights – the right to hold gatherings of their own on their own dime and the right not to attend the Preserving Freedom event if they do not wish to hear civil discourse they might disagree with. Thank you for listening.
He forgot to blame white Christians? I feel so miffed...
The problem is that people born into Islam don't choose it; it chooses them and they're not allowed to quit.
The obvious solution, of course, is to tell them, "We gave you refuge when you needed it. Now if that isn't good enough, why don't you go back home?"
Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your new column at WorldNetDaily, a marriage made in heaven, in my opinion!!
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Flag Day: Happy Birthday, Old Glory! at Atlas Shrugs