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Sandra Marzol
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I absolutely love it!! But I have a love/hate relationship with cooking it. For the life of me I cannot get it right, personally I prefer old school cooked on the stove to perfection but hey the rice cooker will do. Rice almost ruined my life...let me tell you how. My now husband was over and I was trying to impress him w/ my abuelita's arroz con gandules(I'm Boricua y Cubana so ya know)and I burned the rice not once but twice. I was so embarassed and angry I didn't know where to put my head. I'm from Chicago so we have gas stoves, I kept insisting that it was the electric stoves. Damn thing...well fast forward 5 years and I still blame the electric I never get it right...if it's not the water to rice ratio or I'll forget to cover it...I'm horrible at it. My then boyfriend told me years later that he told his mother about my lack or cooking arroz and she told him.."dejala immediatamente!" Imagine that...
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Sep 22, 2011