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love 'em - where do you source the fabrics, they're beautiful!?
Toggle Commented May 27, 2007 on bags at TinkeringTimes
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Good stuff Dan. I applaud you for not doing the obvious and I hope the project is fun and successful, I'm sure it will be.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2007 on Monocle at cityofsound
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Sure, it may have made the BBC uncomfortable and it may *possibly* have cost them in terms of re-negotiating the license for weather data, but like Ben says, that's conjecture. It may, if people actually did innovative things with the data, have had a good effect in showing themwhat was possible - and furthering the argument for open access to 'public' data [personal, non-commercial use]. That or get them to make it more secure :-P Pushing things a little has been what developers have done since day dot. Scraping data is something that happens all the time, to prove concepts. Your argument about costing the BBC money here seems a bit hollow and certainly doesn't justify you calling him an asshole.
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