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Katakata, Thanks so much for the notes from your encyclopedia. I am of the opinion that most of these happenings in UB are not natural. Please do give us the remaining versions of the events till date, these will be good stuff to compile for a gospel on the need for cleansing. I am a born again child of God and I know the DEVIL never gives or does anything for free. There is always a price to pay. Whatever Mbamba and her team did, is now taking away lives of others, and never the indigenes from their area. May they eat their flesh and be drunk from their own blood, in the mighty name of JESUS. Let the host of heavenly angels fight for the innocent ones in UB henceforth. Katakata, more grease to your elbows. SHALOM!!!
Yes, Spako what your friend said is real and can happen. The truth is this: at inception of the University of Buea many things were done on the campus by the so called owners of the land and which started with things like the mysterious deaths of many students, including the one cited by your friend in 1994, 1995, and even part of 1996. At the time the public tried to point fingers to other students and even to some lecturers, but the truth is those were the sacrificial lambs. What went wrong was when the Buea traditional rulers at inception invited their king or god of the mountain “EPASAMOTO” and the goddess of the sea “NYANGONAMUANA” to come and bless the land. Have you ever seen Satan do anything good? Satan can never do anything for free. Satan will always only demand blood, because he/she needs blood to live. There is life in the blood, reasons why Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God had to shed His blood in order for us to have life for FREE. These people of the traditional council in Buea and the authorities in place at the university then, being who they are did not realize that nothing good can come from witchcraft or the occultist groups which later gained grounds on the campus as opposed to any Genuine Christian movements that wanted to at the time. It is so unfortunate that none of them have ever lost a love one in all these tragic circumstances, in order to understand what it means and feels like to lose a son or daughter or husband, brother or sister, or just someone you love. The entire university campus needs to be sanctified in and out for things to gain normal grounds again. Parents who send their children to UB, be careful not to allow them become cheap meat for “Epasamoto” or “Nyangonamuana” It is so sad, when others are looking for ways to forge ahead in development, we in Cameroon are looking for ways of remaining behind. Shame to the entire Government. LET GOD HELP US! AMEN. Nkongho, MD
What a big loss for the literary community in Cameroon. Bate Besong was the “AKWAYA” of these days, now he is no more. When are we going to have another BB? And from where will he/she come? It is time for Cameroonians to rise up and condemn the works of Satan in University of Buea. Enough is enough. Those who were not there at inception of the University are now paying for the sacrifices that were demanded and which were never given. Too bad for the families who have lost their dearly beloved husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, bread winners and relatives. Let God send His Host of Angels to fight for children of God in Cameroon, Buea University and Buea. What happened to the Buea University Christian Association of Julius Esunge? The forces of darkness in operation then under the leadership of Mrs. Dorothy Njeuma could not allow this group to operate freely. They were disturbed in some ways. The Bakweris should get up now and possess their land instead of leave it in the hands of Satan himself to destroy the University in their land. Don’t only continue saying that “we are sons of the soil”, as if there is some other person who doesn’t belong to a certain soil. Brothers and Sisters, let us all come to the Lord, for it is only in Him that we can find total protection. May the Lord comfort and bless the families of the departed.