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Clifton could be the long lost brother of Colleen Lynn. I hope he was reading the news that the CDC stopped tracking dog bites by breed.
I'm not sure if this is the same study but here also is one from the Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida:
One has to learn to ignore and just concentrate on the things that are essential.
Brent, as always you are spot on with this story. You actually can find the exact same dilemma in Miami-Dade. I believe it was in October (or maybe November?)of last year when Mimai-Dade declared itself a No Kill community. I refuse to accept that statement because at the same time Miami-Dade has one of the toughest Breed Specific Legislation in place. Every dog that enters the shelter and is on the "not allowed to have" list will be killed. How can that be No Kill? It is a contradiction within itself.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2013 on Hiding behind the word "adoptable" at KC DOG BLOG
Outstanding! Thank you very much for the detailed report.
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Jan 24, 2012