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My sides are still hurting from laughing, Fred. Since consolidation, Wall Street has run radio. Can you imagine the first GM to say "I'm killing all spots on my website"-and the reaction he'll (she'll) get from the CEO? Those $1 spots add up to-maybe $50 a day. $350 a week. Can we get to the heart of the matter first? Radio is over commercialized. I can tell you of some stations selling ON AIR spots for $5. Prime spots. Anything to fill the inventory and make the company look profitable. You're right in your suggestion -it's just that it's nearly impossible to get anyone to actually THINK they can get away with it. First of all, the problem with radio is the commercials are awful. Irrelevant most of the time. Tough to listen to. Poorly produced. Fix that first of all and make them part of the "experience". Do the same with the stream-and as you suggest - minimize the spotload. Let's get to the heart of the matter. The chance to paint a picture in the listener's mind is fleeting every second. We're blowing it big time. Pandora has an "image" of being hip, cool. Radio has an "image" of -well, sucking. You're not going to BEAT the competitor be BEING the competitor. Even if it's commercial free. You still need a USP. I do credit you with stating the idea- but our issues run much deeper than too many commercials. What really needs a fix is the whole radio "model". The on-air product should be as good as the online product. Not worse. I'm suggesting fixing the ON AIR product. Although commercial free streams ain't a bad idea.
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Aug 2, 2011