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Mason Paulson
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This TV ad condemning Sink for investing the SBA money is not true and it is full of misrepresentation. A group of three people voted for this. It was intended to make money. It was an investment which lost. Most of us lost in our stock market funds in the past few years. So when we see a Rick Scott TV ad we need to realize that he hasn't said the truth yet. He built his career on corporate crime. He should have been convicted for Medicare Fraud. He is entitled to a 25 year prison term.
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I am appalled by all the vicious attacks on our future Governor Rick Scott. People keep dumping on him. He goes to church so he must be a good man. No. He is a crummy crook just like we have been telling you all for so long that the wax should be melting in your ears my now. Do not believe the vicious lies of Rick Scott who has topped the record for organized crime via Medicare Fraud in the Health-care Industry. Are we proud that he lives here? No. He is a "Carpet Bagger" just like those Yankees that flooded the South from the North after the Civil War. Rick Scott is as disgusting, and immoral as they were. Scott is also a liar, thief, and a mental midget - those are his good qualities. So if you want fraud to ruin Florida make sure you vote for the "Do Nothing, "Know Nothing" Republican called Rick Scott.
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I hope that everyone read "Interview with a Vampire" this summer. It is still the king of the genre. If not get the audio book and indulge since it really is one of the worlds finest literature achievements. The writing style is magnificent to say the least. We were all told a much of nonsense when we were young. Later on many of us learned that religion had no actual historical bases. It is fiction that cripples the imagination, makes us believe complete nonsense that isn't based on reality. Makes us humble to the mafia organization that refined Christianity to control the masses. Nobody has scientific proof of anything in the Bible. That stands for the old and new Testament. There is no scientific proof for that mater for any other religion. There were no miracles folks. You should not believe fictional stories as if it were true. That would be like believing the Jungle land ride at Disneyland is real. It is hard for some people to walk away from these beliefs since they spent their whole life studying them. As they say God is Great and God is in the Details and God is in the wonders of life. God is love and more but is not a single person and God didn't create one person to deliver his message. There is no scientific evidence that Moses even lived. We need to believe in something so why not believing that we should all help the world and the people in it.
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Jul 30, 2010