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Hi from Munich, 50 is the new 30...isn't it true tho? We are SOO much younger in thinking and physicality it seems than our moms were at this least it seems that way to me. Looking at all the gorgeous 50 yr. olds! I have 3 words for you on a practical health note: Bio.Identical. Progesterone. Run from any HRTs. Like the wind! This incredible product has 'saved' sooooo many women I know from symptoms too numerous to mention here. Great reads on naturally balancing your hormones: Dr. John Lee "Hormone Balance Made Simple", Dr. Deanna Osborn "Bio-Identical Hormone Handbook". Arbonne has a bio-identical progesterone cream that's fabulous. Personally Autumn has always been my favorite season :) xo
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Ha Ha! You did!! Vielen Dank!! Living in Munich, I've been watching on itunes, I missed the fundraiser. (strategically they should have done that about 1 min. BEFORE the end of the show I'm thinking)
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That video? Hilariously fun. The cartoon. Best I've seen in 2 yrs. PRICELESS!!! p.s. thanks for the exit interview eased the pain..not much..but some ;)
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There was weeping & gnashing of teeth in Munich as I watched Season Finale. I literally went stomping off to bed. Hubbie was concerned...until he realized...half-asleep that this concerned fictional characters ;) Love the idea for FB page-I could have used some emotional support! ha!! I guess you are is many times the bittersweet stories that stay with us. Dag nab it!!
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As a 43 yr. old woman who was raised in a Grace-based church, attended public high school & a private christian university--I find it appalling that I have NEVER been given this letter to read before. I ashamedly admit, I had NO idea that MLK was a BRILLIANT writer besides being such a bold proclaimer of the GOSPEL. I didn't have a clue this guy was even a 'believer' until 2 yrs. ago when I heard the most moving song, "Never Alone Martin" by Jason Upton. (Beautiful People cd). Download this if you can..Jason tells a story about MLK & sings about it & prays at the end. POWERFUL. How is it possible that this Modern Day Martyr, not only for African American, but for peoples everywhere in the world, this FREEDOM FIGHTER, like William known only for a holiday, street names & the sounds byte 'I have a dream' (which i love, but come on!) Sigh. History is destined to repeat itself, if our generation doesn't even know how we got to where we are. (as someone posted above) Living in Germany for 2 yrs. really makes me aware of how badly we don't want history to repeat itself! To know 1 man, got away w/the murder of 6 million. But then again 1 man filled with the LOVE of Jesus can change the world for the good...thank you MLK for rising to your destiny, your calling. Thanks Robin for bringing this extraordinary letter to our attention. I will be forwarding this to a few folks. Yes, it did take time to read..but it was compelling & worth the effort to slow down & chew it slowly.
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Jan 18, 2012