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How can people live together for donkeys years, they have many things in common, intermarried, school together, shared farmland, attended the same church, market etc. Then suddenly be at loggerhead?? Some one must be in their midst fanning hatred.The truth shall one day surface. Retired old Politicians who have nothing to render to Cameroonian society and only waiting for dead, During his helm of office Cameroon registered the highest record of corruption is there planting seed of division and hatred among the peace loving people of Bawock and Bali nyonga. What had he achieved now that Bawock had been burned down. Will he contribute for the re-construction of Bawock?? Painting other people black will not achieved anything, but worsen the state of the matters. Since this Bali/Bawock crisis started the Fon of bawock has made a sensible statement. "If we have a problem, let no neighbouring village come in again. Let them allow the two of us to settle our problems and God will surely show us the way." Your statement show that you were mislead by the neighbouring Villages because they wanted to grab land from Bali. This is just sample of what is always going on with Bali neighbouring villages, they only wants to grab land from Bali, when Bali want to defend its land people will called them names. Achidi Achu is the brain behind all this crisis, and should be held responsible for everything,
Big Joe, Your wirteup is the simple truth, and the truth shall prevail. Cameroon is having the worst press in Africa. Everything they report, they must be biased and condemn the other party involved in the crises, without even asking the caused or the origin of the crises. Let the administration goes back to their files, read it well, digest it, before they started taking deadly decision. Balis are peace loving humble people, and will be happy to have Bawock in their midst as before, but an inches of Bali land will never be taken and given to them, if that is what they want. CPDM militants houses were burned down in 1992, In Bafagji houses burned even health unit and just recently Mbessa and Kotoko in north west and far north province respectively, People closed their eyes and never asked the perpetrators to contribute to the victims but only open their fat ugly eyes when Bali nyonga is concerned. Retired old Politicians who have nothing to render to Cameroonian society and only waiting for dead, goes round causing confusion, bribing the administrator to modify boundary, which consequences is tribal hatred, war, and barbaric act. Kiki As you said prevention is better than cure. That is the truth, but how can that be possible? as this old retired good for nothing politician who have nothing to offer, especially in Mezam Division goes round causing confusion among fondom, creating hatred
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2007 on Bawock Refugees Aided at Up Station Mountain Club
Watesih You are a model in this forum, please keep up, May be I missed understood Your write up. I always read and respected your idea.
Danny boy U are really fanning the hatred of Bali and u will never succeed. People are talking of how they can seek for peace mean into this crises, u hide in ur mosquito village and be saying nonsense . Bali fought with the entired moghamo and meta simultaneously and defeated them shamelessly and force them to pay reparation which they did. Bali took this money and used it judiciously to constructed the pipe born water in 1952, Do u think what happen to Moghamo tribes in 1952 they can accepted to wage a war on Bali as u are preaching, Only ur mosquito village alone will wage the war, may be only u and ur father will do that. For ur information Pinyin and Mankon will never point a gun to Bali, Bali had never crossed her boundary drawn up by the colonial master only the neighbouring tribes like urs always crunch into Bali land, when Bali retaliated u people will called them all sort of names. What then do u people want them to do? Danny boy, if NWP people gave embargo to Bali as u want to preach now, where will u pass and go to ur mosquito bush village, don’t u passed through Bali to moghamo? U people will suffer the embargo more than Bali. Rexon With this hatred u among us scnc will never succeed. That is why the scnc leaders were arrested and poeple stand and watch it as film and laughing as if its a joke
Brooks Pinyin people are passing but through Bali before going to Bamenda since about 6 years ago, the road beween pinyin and Santa is not passable since 6 years. So Bawock will go to Pinyin and they all move to Bali again before going to Bamenda. Look bro what we should be preaching here should how they can have lasting solution to this crises rather than thinking how they can fine their way to Bamenda. Economically Bawock depend on Bali not even Bamenda saying. Watesih, What will North westerner do to Bali? If to say Bali will provided shelter to Bawock and in returned they become nuisance to Bali tradition and even adding part of Bali village to the land given to them, If that is What the North Westerner wants then, Bali will be prepare waiting for that war the North Westerner will lunch against Bali, U are one of the highly respectable person in this forum to the best of my knowledge, I am baffle to read such write up from u. Bali will not fold their arms and sit, if attack by any North Westerner. Bali is not like SCNC sympathizer who will stand and their leaders are beating and arrested and carried away. Bali is not like the other villages in the NWP that when they have crises that needed real man, men are running away. For ur information Bali can mobilized thousands of force within 30 minutes in case of any crises as such.
Fon, That road still passes through bali, there is no road that leave Bawock without passing through Bali.U have though in Bali college and will probably know that Bawock is sandwich in Bali.
Chief Endely is just confused, may be its old age. The french are taping our resources every day and night in return give nothing or little, even the little that they gave is to developed Ebolowa, Yaounde and Douala. Chief open ur eye and see like other, stop selling Cameroonian. Just of small token they gave u, u can sell the entire Cameroon shame to u.
The battle were between two barbarian. The Bawock barbarian started the act of vandalism by one mr Peter Limen and his sons by seizing the Bali juju, the Bali barbarian retaliated too to recovered their juju from the Bawock baberian and we are living witness of the outcome of the barbaric act between the two barbarian. It was not war but just act of vandalism between the two barbarian and. We can not say that Bawock are civilized than Bali, both were involved in the act of vandalism, therefore both are barbarian. Bawock seized Bali’s juju, is that not vandalism? or is what my people, tell me. Infact the whole show is just like a drama. Brooks Who are these neighbours of Bawock that u are talking of .If Bawock have neighbours as u are claiming please can u numerate them for those who knew little about the location of Bawock U are there running ur mouth that Bawock respect neighbours culture and integrity, Peter Limen is from where? Is it not Peter Limen from Bawock who orchestrated this act of vandalism? U turn a blind eye to the person who mastermind this act of barbarism and instead blaming those who retaliated to recovered the seized juju. Bali Nyonga have the following forces of law and order station in Bali: -Gendarmerie Brigade -Part of Gendarmerie Company for the NWP headed by a captain -Gendarmerie Research for the NWP -Police post -Special Branch Police What is the used of this security forces in Bali? It is the Mayor to asked them to protect the properties of the fellows citizen? SDO is just confusing and blaming the Mayor for nothing. Saturday, Sunday and Monday they cannot deployed forces of law and order due to inexperience and he is there putting blame on the mayor, then leaving out his colleague DO for Bali which everything happen in his eye. Bamenda – Bali is just 12 minutes drive and they cannot deployed troops for two days. They should leave the mayor alone. Rexon The burning of the Bali palace by the barbarian from Bawock took place on Tuesday dawn about 4:25 AM where people were in deep sleep, not in broad day light. Then the Bali barbarian retaliated too spontaneously. That was a clashes between the two barbarian. .
Most people don’t want to see the truth. If this is the payment that Bawcok are paying back to Bali then I doubt if any tribe will ever like to accept any group of people who are in dying need of help or seeking refuge Bawock were running away from genocide that were mounted by French led forces ”gendarme” in their Bamelike land and seek refuge in Bali Nyonga now they want to used Bamelike sense and claim land simply because they can buy the corrupt la Republique appointed administration, VITO u said it all, though people don’t want to see the true facts. This is a very highly plan technique initiated by the administration to infiltrate into Southern Cameroon and destabilized it from achieving their objection. SC be wise Rexon The Fon of Bawock with an interviewed he granted to le messager sounded his trumpet that Bali don’t have any right to attacked any village from Western Province and called on the Bamelike chief to intervene. Rexon what does that imply? This frog are having hiding agenda in SC which will soon come into light, let wait and see. I am pleading on all in this forum to be very objective and sensitive when issued like this show up
Vito Most people don’t want to see into the root of this problem but just condemning Bali. There is no Bamelike village in the NWP as u rightly put it and it will never be. We all accepted that most of the major tribes in Cameroon today migrated from one region to another. Before the coming of the European into Africa and partition of Africa among themselves in 1884, Bali Nyonga was already in this present day region as any other tribes in Cameroon and NWP in particular. That is why the German recognized the Bali and even took Bali to be her allied, and drawn the map of Bali even. When the German left British came and still recognized Bali as well. After independent the government of SC and East Cameroon stilled recognized Bali, Ahidjo even visited Bali Nyonga twice during his term of presidency Neither the German, the British nor Ahidjo known that, there is no East Cameroon Village in Southern Cameroon known as Bawock,. They knew that Bamelike villages are in the East Cameroon not in the West Cameroon. It beat my imagination if people are accepting in this forum that there is an autonomous Bamelike village in NWP. The Bamelike think as they have money and controlled the economy of Cameroon, they can bribe the corrupted administration to changed what the colonial master did, but they had failed woefully and will continue to fail, and the money will lost. Rexon, Had there ever a case in SWP where the Bakweries secret society is disturbed by their guest from North West or from littoral that it is trespassing their land?? Why only the Bawock?? Are they super guest?? This corrupted administration is the root of all this problem. I quite remember during the twine election campaign in 2002 in Douala, the doualas were asking the government to help them to take back their land from the Bamelike. This matter is not going to be only Bali Bamelike but nation wide if the Bamelike continuous in this fashion of bribing the administration.
Watesih U have said it all, I hope Rexon will know why there is always land conflict in NW. This year it is Oku and Mbessa, Bali and bawock. Houses, cash crop and food crops are destroyed. In NW u need hectare of land to farm in order to plant cash crops and food crops that would enable u to feed ur household, even send ur children to school. In the South West it is not the case, u just a need small portion of land, u cleared and plan without even tilled and u get a lot of food. Money circulated in South West far more than in the NW. At times in NW a basin of sweet potato cost 750frs far less than as in the Sw which that same basin cost 3500frs, North westner have to harvest a large portion to have that basin, as compare to Sw which is just a small portion. In this case NWer can joke with an inch of land. I will plead to the North Westerner to always seek for dialogue first violence does not solved any problem but instead inflict more suffering to the weaker party. I will continuous to say that administration are always the route cost of all this conflick. Hope Rexon will be ok
May their souls rest in peace
Augustine S UK Brooks “Bawock was never given land by the Bali nyonga people and it has never been and will never be a quarter in Bali as they claim” That is what u claim Question. How did Bawock find themselves in the midst of Bali nyonga? How did Bawock acquire that land, from who and when? Bali obtain all the land they occupy from Meta and Moghamo as Danny boy rightly said in the 18 century, How did Bawock obtain its own? Because Bali don’t sell land in Bali subdivision, not to talk to sell to Bamelike. Now they are claiming they shared boundary with Baforchu and Pinyin. Bali and Baforchu had boundary dispute and even fought some years ago, where were Bawock that they are claiming they have boundary with Baforchu. Look mr Augustine S Brooks, politician are manipulating ur chief.u guys should open ur eyes, you well knows it that Bali loves Bawock. Why only now???????? U are calling the chief from Western province to come and do what in Southern Cameroon??????????? Just to show Bawock intension with le francaise Cameroon appointed administration in Mezam division. Is Bali subdivision in the Western province? U could had called only the attention of the NW Fon union where Bali Nyonga belong to look into the matters amicably not Western Province chief. Look brooks, Bali Nyonga is in the Southern Cameroon and what u people are thinking will fail woefully. People of Southern Cameroon beware, le francaise Cameroon appointed administrator are out to destabilised Southern Cameroon. Massa Talk True go continuous for di heap true talk. Bye for now ma people dem.
Mezam administration is the sole cost of all this wayala in the Bali subdivision. Bawock is sandwich inside Bali Nyonga, but now administration wants to create new boundary in Bali Nyonga, so that Bawock will shared boundary with Baforchu and Pinyin, which Bali will never accepted such deal.. This new map show that Mantum which is Bali quarter that shared boundary with Baforchu and Pinyin will automatically become Bawock. This is what spark fire on 6th Dec 2006 that let to the destruction of some vehicles. Just read this extract from the Post. “When the delegation from Bamenda Provincial Service of Lands led by the Mezam administration arrived at the disputed area in Bawock, they were surprised that tension was brewing among the Balis who were not invited to the locus. Before the team from Bamenda could set to work, the irate Bali population who claim that they have a shrine in the disputed area, descended on the administrators and gendarmes with clubs, stones and sticks. The pillars and billboards meant to demarcate the land including two vehicles were all smashed." Mezam administration came without the knowledged of Bali administration, but only the Bawock people were aware. This mean a lot people of Southern Cameroon. This is pure annexation of Southern Cameroon land and given it to Bamelike. Which Bali will never accepted. Question; How can an administration coming to settle land dispute and invited one party and left out another party? Is there no administrative unit in Bali which can handle land dispute within its jurisdiction of subdivision? why from Bamenda? What type of administrators are trained in ENAM? Administration which solved matters one sided. Surely money must have changed hand as it is a tradition in administration in Cameroon. . And what is happening today is the outcome of poor administration. And the administration should be held responsible.
The problem goes like this. This Bawock people was given a piece of land by the fon of Bali And they all stayed together in peace and harmony. Until in the fifty when the French led forces gendarme was in searched of the makiza, they ran and seek for shelter in Bali and the Fon of Bali welcomed them as brother and ask them to join their brothers. Peace reigned between them and the Bali people until when this current Bawock chief came into the throne Big wig Bamelike and the politician started to manipulating him to seize part of Bali land and stop the voma from passing on the main road to Mantum. Question: Why is it that Bali voma had been passing on that strong B road to Mantum since the day of the Bawock forefather and they never stopped it? And its only now that they will stopped pedestrians from using the road, which was even dug by the Bali people to Mantum Why did they seize the voma and destroy it? And knowing the reaction from Bali people. The worst of all, the last stray that break the camel back. Bawock attempted to burned down Bali palace but failed because the palace is well fortify but succeeded in burning the house that host the Bali symbol which no amount of money can buy on Tuesday dawn about 4:00am. This let to the massive instant destruction of the Bawock village on Tuesday over 300 houses burned down I strongly blamed their Bamelike brothers and politician for manipulating their Fon and putting them into this mess I also blame the laxity of the administration to solved issues which they know can spark fire. Arresting Bali youths and putting them into jail is not worth the 300 houses destroy on Tuesday morning. RICH PEOPLE AND POLITICIAN SHOULD STOP MANIPULATING PEOPLE AND LEADING THEM INTO PROBLEM. Bawock and Bali have been living as brother and sister and share almost every things for years upon years why only now that they will have problem, “Politicians Let the Sleeping Dog Lie”
Why don't u ask urself that people have been leaving together for century and of sudden thing likes this happen. There is no fire without smoke, something surely went wrong along the line that provoke this act of vandalism One sided version of the story and u guys drawn conclusion, post before u post something of this nature carried out investigation, don't just sit in ur office and through " i hear say" or telephone u run and publish. Wiseman "But remember that you never came into this world without any land and so the day you will be leaving this world you will also leave empty hand" mr Wiseman if u don't defend the land from intruders what will ur offspring do in future??? Land nowadays are scarce each village or tribe need to prevent their land for their children tomorrow. Wiseman u sure neighbour trespass into ur father land will let it because one did not bring any land and will leave without land, Wiseman, then u must be very generous indeed and be a role model to follow but I doubt????? Baliman i hope ur posting is resonable enough and the cousre of the problem can be drawn from ur posting than just drawn conclusion from one sided writeup of the Cameroon Post article.