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Nik Mastromarino
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ok, i noticed this happneing lately, the only problem i have with is how when it happens sometimes the show i watched ends up back on the ruglar stuff list, and is gone from my qeue so that i need to add it again, an example is sprtacus, for some reason it was just gone, and since the artwork had changed i had to search it again, and add it back. same thing happend with dhani takeso n the globe.
netflix, what the hell is wrong with u guys, really no community. to save a bit of money ur gonna take away one of the more usefull parts of the site. i used it to keep track of what my friends were watching and even got some ideas for movies to add to my list. but no more i guess. oh and who the hell thought it was a good idea to give no special features on some dvds, there are plenty of movies that i rent that i would like special features for and dont feel taht its worth buyin the dvd just for taht when i only felt the movie was a rental at best.
i hate this, practice and i am starting to see it with retail copies to, delux versions that cost a bit more or not giving special features only on the blue ray. this will ultimately drive people away, its the same as how newspaper sites tried to get people to pay for the content they used to get for free, in this dvd situation we used to get special features, then they take away or charge more, yep fine movie industry go ahead and piss off ur customers cuz this strategy wont work in the long run and u will actually do the complete opposite by losing money. nowadays i am very picky about the dvds i buy because of this. the other thing is that , its nice to have special features for when u have nothing else to do and cant send the movie back right away. sometimes the commentary on some dvds can be very interesting or funny. movies with no special fearures, the invention of lying, slumdog millionare, whiteout.
discs 3 and 4 of national geographic's taboo season 1
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Mar 19, 2010