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Joseph Mathews
Chelsea Square, New York, New York 10011
Southern Episcopal seminarian. Former Baptist and United Methodist.
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I miss putting my horn together, both assembling all the joints of the bassoon and putting my slide into my bell, setting the angle, spinning the little thing to lock my trombone together.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on On Jazz and Intimacy at Sit and Eat
I was there. I didn't notice the faltering in pitches or anything. Maybe I was too far back to hear it, but it sounded fine. I love the tune (as you know!) and the text. It sounded great and was a great pick appropriate to the day's occasion (communion Sunday). And failure sucks. It sucks to feel like you're failing even if you aren't. "The experience seemed to pull me back to a time in my life when music making was more high-stakes: less about drawing people together in community, and more about perfect and polished performance." I don't think the two are necessarily mutually exclusively, especially when there is pushback! I am constantly worried not that the sounds are going to be perfect, but that they aren't going to have any more ammo to use against what's going on. You're good at what you do.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on On Complete and Total Failure at Sit and Eat
As I read through the blog entries, I cannot help bot notice time and again the glaring absence (from my mind and worldview) between this mindset and how it affects children who later become adults. This kind of violence (I was swatted sometimes, but there were other, far better punishment messages my mother used) teaches violence. It teaches that when someone doesn't do what you want them to do, the answer is to hit them. In this dynamic it's parent to child, but that kind of message translates to the playground, to future relationships, and to work experience. The idea of complete and total dominance is unhealthy and I think utterly unbiblical. Yes, parents have a responsibility for training children, and it's quite right for them to draw the line in the sand and say "I'm the adult." This is, however, different than sitting on the child until it submits. This kind of mindset, when followed to its logical conclusion, is not unlike the types of violence I mentioned above. It leaves no room for compromise or collaboration as adults thus producing adults void of humility and unable to imitate Christ the suffering servant.
22?! Yay! Wow! I am going to try to come this week after chapel, if I get my Greek done that afternoon. I wish I'd seen that crowd!
Note that the hiptser who took our pictures and then mine didn't actually get ashes. He just likes Ash Wednesday.
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