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Hi Chelsea, I have a small question. I am writing a document in French, but most of my references are in English. I understand that I shouldn't use quotation marks, but I am wondering how to deal with only part of the text translated. Using your example (on reverse ;) from Doutre, suppose I want to quote only part of it: “Les femmes [...] adoptaient des stéréotypes masculins” (Doutre, 2014, p. 332). How would the translated quotation appear in the paper? Women ... adopted masculine stereotypes (Doutre, 2014, p. 332). or Women adopted masculine stereotypes (Doutre, 2014, p. 332). Also, I guess that if I intended to alter the quotation, being a paraphrase in my test it wouldn't show? For example, still using Doutre, if I had quoted it in French like “Les femmes dans des activités masculines [les] adoptaient” (Doutre, 2014, p. 332). That wouldn't show in the translated text and I would write as follow, in't it? Women working in masculine fields adopted it (Doutre, 2014, p. 332). Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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Jul 27, 2019