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While I get the point you're making, I wonder whether this is a sound reaction. It feels a little bit boat-burny to me. I'm assuming that your first move was to talk to Francis and/or his team at the PRCA and ask what the criteria were, and how you failed to meet them. If that isn't the case, why not? It would seem to be a rational step if you think there's any value in the partnership. That way, you could be considered for late inclusion. No-one likes to be an afterthought, of course, or overlooked; but it's better that your students and department should benefit, isn't it? If you don't think there's any value in the partnership, then what does it matter? Why draw attention to your exclusion?
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on PRCA offers free course in spin at mediations
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Sep 6, 2011