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Hello Guys & Cheeks, It is amazing to read the comments on the SDF predicament. What stands out is the selfishness that is communicated in almost all of the comments. It paints a clear picture of the Cameroon mentally that is destroying us as a people. Some waste time pointing out other's typos as if that is so important; a clear indication that they are new comers to the world of blogging. Some are playing the Northwest/Southwest-divid card which is typical of people on the receiving end of things. Others are saying they have been waiting for this to happen to the SDF for a long time. To them I say, Congratulations! Some even had plans for $100,000 of someone else's money. How daring is that? I would have prefered suggestions on what can be done to make things better. My understanding is that the candidates cound't afford to meet the financial conditions. You can do something about that by contributing money. May I remind you that this rules are they to eliminate viable opposition since those running with the CPDM will not have such a problem. You can throwh your hands in the air and say "to hell with the opposition." I will like to know what you are proposing as an alternative. I am not a member of the SDF. I just don't like our thinking when it comes to these issues because that is the real source of our problems. Lov y'all matpat
Good job! Charlie. He is well qualified to make those statements because he has lived it. I am yet to find an unshakable, devoted and self-giving member of the press. The unfortunate thing is that such value has become so scarce these days. Cameroon still languishes in corruption more than was ever known each passing day. This testifies to a press that has relinquished it role to pipers. "He who pays the piper, dictates the tune". Thanks, for your sacrifice Mr. Ndi-Chia.