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@carbon based lifeform - it's a good point, and one well made
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on Louder Than a Speeding Bullet at davidthompson
FInal point: if the only character who draws any authentic empathy from an audience is Kevin Costner, you know something is deeply wrong.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on Louder Than a Speeding Bullet at davidthompson
Spoilers in this (long) post... I saw Man Of Steel last night. Although I didn't have high expectations, I wasn't prepared for the mess of a film I was served. Like all great disappointments it had the potential, but failed to deliver. Superman is still one of the great modern cultural myths and it deserved much better than this. This movie will sink without a trace amongst every other Giant-Fighting-Robots-Trashing-Planets movie currently getting greenlit. It began well enough: the deeper story on the origins/politics of Krypton added some context and gravitas to young Superman's plight beyond what the 1978 version gave us, and the introduction of Zod early-on set up the good vs. evil succinctly. The flashback story-telling, at first I thought was awkward, but actually it was handled well and the first act of the movie I really enjoyed. However, as soon as Zod and crew descended, the script seemed to go out of the window and the rest of the budget was blown on CGI to little effect, in fact destroying the third act which really just blended into the second. Yes, explosions, fireworks, fights...great. I wanted that. But I never thought I would actually get BORED of watching people being thrown through buildings. Then trains, then another building, then....who cares. The cumulative effect of this was that all plot setup thus far was lost in a cloud of burning rubble, and it descended into a dumb fight over whether Zod would stay and be very evil, or not. The greatest travesty was that Superman is supposed to have two weaknesses: Kryptonite, and the human race. Which for me is the finest jeopardy device in the whole myth: the alien willing to fight his own kind to protect his foster race he has grown to love. The Kryptonite thing was handled with a nice touch (rather than the old blob of green crystal around the neck), but the latter was given an extremely poor and hypocritical token gesture when Superman cried out as Zod tried to zap the All American Nuclear Family, despite (Superman) having just taken part on the near complete destruction of Metropolis himself - no doubt wiping out millions of people in the process - in an *utterly* hackneyed 9/11-esque NYC city destruction I have seen a hundred times before in any apocalyptic movie from the last decade. Perhaps the biggest let-down was Christopher Nolan's name as a writing/production credit. Apparently, it is only his brother who writes the good stuff...
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on Louder Than a Speeding Bullet at davidthompson
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Jun 16, 2013