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Interests: I'm a Netflix fanatic =)
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So far my experience with Saturday shipping in the Harrisburg PA shipping center has been that if I return a disk on Friday or on Saturday I get a Tuesday delivery. A Monday Return gets a Wednesday Delivery. The new thing is Thursday returns now get Saturday Deliveries. I rarely every get a delivery on Monday? interesting - odd , I'm not sure why it works like that but I'll continue to experiment. Fascinating thread here. Thanks! Cheers! -Matt
I am becoming exceeding frustrated with this error message: ------------------------- Temporarily Unavailable We're sorry, some parts of the Community features are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you've previously added Friends or Fans, don't worry — we've saved all of your information for you and it will be back in no time. In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the site. -------------------- over and over all week, I have been having this problem. Also I keep getting this message while sending a note: We're sorry there was an error in sending your note. Try again later. I don't want to TRY AGAIN LATER! I am finding this to be VERY annoying. Is anyone else getting this problem? Thanks for any insight! Cheers! -Matt
@NetflixJunkie "I am extremely frustrated that the only way I can remind myself of a VOD(video on demand) movie is to place it in the main queue. There is no Instant Viewing queue, and even when in the main queue, the user cannot easily see that this selection is available in VOD." I tryied to get around this by putting VOD flixs in my wifes queue but then you can't watch them from a 'sub-account'. Very fruestrating. I do now, I start the movie, let it play for one minute then close it. Then you can go to VOD watching history when you are ready and choose for thos flicks you started. It picks up where you left off. Hope that is helpful. Cheers! Matt
Well profpudwick, I just marked them helpful for you ;-) LOL. Cheers friend!
I was a member 7 years ago. Canceled my account and the one I have now has been for 5 years. My reviewer rank which fluctuates is currently 141. I used to write reviews more often but I got tired of people marking them not helpful. I had one review I wrote that in three days had 17 not helpful. Now, I am certain the review was useful, just not popular. There was also a time where one person could place multiple votes. years ago you could re-click every 24 hour or so and get another vote in. Fortunately that is *not* the case any more. After that incident I deleted a number of my reviews and posted them all in the comments section (now, leave a note). I tend to take the time to really think through a review if I am going to post it. For the most part I only post my review to the public if there are less than 20 or so other reviews. I have thousands of reviews between friends. The 'helpful' or 'not helpful' feature is nice but some people abuse it to rank their opinions and on the rating and not the usefulness of what you said. Generally one of the first reviews posted is going to be the primary one read and the one that gets all the helpful marks. Just like CJ said, personally, I don't click not helpful. I just leave it alone if it is useless. I mark helpful on everything that was thoughtful. Or flag the ones that are not even reviews. I guess I just need to have more friends to share my notes with =) Cheers friends! Phatz
I am actually starting to become perturbed for the fist time today. my community features are down but none of my other friends are having any trouble. WTF? so yeah, it is an issue.
NetflixJunkie, What is VOD? I am guessing: Video On Demand? just a stab. You have a point. I am just pleased enough with everything else that the inconvenience doesn't rattle me. For example at this VERY moment [EDIT not any more] the Friends Feature down. OK, between the time I logged into my TypeKey and the time I wen back to check it returned up and running. My point was going to be all the site except the add a friend was working fine. Cheers! Matt
The site is doing much better with the down time situation now than it was 2-3 years ago. I have noticed an increase in the last month but nothing like it used to be. I am a night person too. It was alway a had rush to get my surfing done before the inevibale "tmporaily unavailble" message. Recently I have noticed that now, more often they shut done one feature and not the whole site. I think this is certainly a plus. For example the Cumunity and freinds feartures were shut down one day but aranging my queue was still possible. Another day the search features were shut down. I guess downtime come with all the upgrades. It is a trade off. It does seem to happen a lot if you are a night owl. Cheers friends. Matt BTW Hi, I am Phatz on netflix. Nice to meet you all. =)
Eeee - Gad!!! I should have read the Netflix Terms of Use page more carefully! I have exactly 8 computers at my office and one at home. My daughter goes to work with me 3 days a week and I just sit her in front of which ever computer she choses. I never counted which computers she was or wasn't on. I must have gotten lucky but this is good to know. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Cheers! Matt