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Kevin - Catchments were designed to establish the area, C, and Tc values and a link was established to send to SSA or Hydraflow. SSA does prevent a catchment that produces zero runoff from importing.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2013 on CATCHMENTS FAIL TO EXPORT TO SSA at Being Civil
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These Rail alignments can be told to measure the curve by chord chord length!
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Chris - You should likely export the HEC-RAS model out of RiverCAD prior to upgrading to River Analysis.
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Troy - I would assume that you are likely having an issue with the security of the DLL after downloading it from the internet. Check out as the solution.
As a father of five, each one being very different in their needs, and abilities, I am not sure how I fall on this... I tend to view myself on the free range side, however, I do think I am likely over protective. I would love to receive the book!
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Laith - SSA can route storms and actively use the pipe storage to simulate a storage condition in the pipe network. For example, SSA can use the pipes as underground storage in the pipe network leading to a restrictor plate or orifice condition. If you need to simulate a closing of a valve, there are control rules that can turn off or restrict an item at a specific time or event. SSA would then route the event using the available links and nodes (pipes, manholes, junctions, storage nodes etc). Do you have something particular in mind? Matt Anderson, PE
Are there any issue of 2010 and 2011 side-by-side using the same survey database?
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With HTML5 coming, would relying on Flash continue to make sense? Having my Autodesk programs delivered similiar to would be nice!
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Feb 10, 2010