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I don't think their "lost year" is over yet. Remember when announcements about Netflix got you excited? When was the last time they announced anything of note? They are stagnant - something a subscription company cannot be.
Just a terrible way to do it. I got excited thinking I could remove at least one of these from my DVR (because CW's "streaming video" website is the worst I've ever seen in my life), and this deal means nothing to anyone until the end of 2012. This does not deserve applause.
This is exactly what I was thinking last night. QWIKSTER was such a baffling idea, the only amazing part of it was that it was announced in September, and not April 1st. So what if their only real rationale behind it was their lifelong inability to show more than 500 titles on a page? They seem to struggle with this what should be basic (for them) issue, more than anything else. I can't think of many sites that have to show this many links on one page, and figure out a way to do it with style (and not freaking sliders... I almost expect their next great idea to be a sliding, fully animated queue). The old stats about how many Netflix users have queues nearing 500 can no longer hold true. --- "Uh, Reed, what if we added a second website, and then we wouldn't have to combine the DVD queue & instant queue into one big'un?" ... "Registering domain right now - you're a genius Andy."
What I always like is when DVD's that were not released on Blu-ray have that trailer for the "Blu-ray Experience" right before the movie starts. It's like "Yeah, I would've preferred to see this on Blu-ray too - so why'd you skimp out?!"
It's funny, I was just thinking yesterday this exact thing. Reno became funniest in its last season, contrary to Mr. Know-it-all; and there's definitely room for it now in this world, as everyone's missing seeing those guys on TV now. Not many have gone on to starring roles, so they're certainly not to busy to make their return. I like this idea. Doesn't have to be a 20 episode season. They could do it like South Park - 6 episodes in two months, then go away for 5 months to shoot more.
Since every website out there is afraid of bots - someone smart should make a bot that auto-searches for the exact title they want to see on Netflix 100 times a day (or more, whatever suits you), whether it's "Saveable" or isn't on the site at all. This is the only other "metric" they're going to have, because mindreading isn't yet possible over the intranet. Problem solved.
Man, some compelling points presented there - in a better way than all of the articles could do this past week. It's true though. The initial love has faded. I still love movies and TV, but the full queue eventually becomes daunting. Sure, it feels great to discover something no one else has heard of, just as it is awesome to watch what came out last week. But when it becomes a chore to always have that envelope laying there nagging you to hurry up and get it over with, it's not fun anymore. This Qwikster thing means more than just a name change. It really is going to be the most massive thing to happen to the company since the very first day they started streaming. I'm just worried it's not going to be as well received (and hey, streaming wasn't at first. People are still finding ways to whine about it, despite secretly loving it). I'm waiting to see how it goes, but I am awfully worried about a company I at one time had full faith in.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2011 on The Netflix Fail Song Video at Hacking NetFlix
"It's not as if he's reading -- or gives a crap about -- anything you write here." Right, because he wouldn't care what his most enthusiastic customers thought about his company on the most well known Netflix commentary/news website. I'm sure he's never heard of Hacking Netflix.
This is great news for me, being that I thought my titles were safe in that area of the queue. Much like the rest of your readers, I used it to offload my DVD queue into, since members of Netflix are still forced to work under a limit while paying for unlimited service. You guys better go download your queues right away - now we know they are subject to deletion at any time. Just a few weeks ago, I took someone's advice, and copy and pasted by DVD queue into a spreadsheet (somehow it retains formatting!). Strongly wish I'd done this with my saved queue, but who could have expected this idiocy.
Someone should design an Netflix-powered app that pulls your queue out into a spreadsheet file. Copy and pasting doesn't work, because it grabs too much extra information.
Everybody whined and complained, but nobody changed their account type.
The acting in Return to Sleepaway Camp was embarrassing and sad. It shouldn't have been released.
Being that I have so many 1-star ratings on my Netflix account, I had to narrow it down to the one that was offensively bad, and not just terrible on a basic level. I streamed this with high hopes, and even watched to the end. How this guy wrote the original Sleepaway Camp movie, and eventually followed it up with THIS, is completely beyond me: Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
I thought this was a workaround to see more movies/TV show recommendations in the scrolling list of whatever device you're in. I prefer surfing through titles on the device to the website, but am cut off at the knees by only being able to see like 35 of each genre. Lame.
It's expendable income. Either you drive around looking for Red Boxes, or you pay for the convenience of an entire site's worth of movies. What it costs isn't up to you, because you'll pay anything. It's why you go to a bar or restaurant and pay more for a beer than it'd cost at a gas station.
You must realize by now that eventually they're going to say: "in keeping with our tradition of taking away features until our site has nothing but a big *Play* button, we've removed user reviews. We decided for you that you don't need them. Hope you like what we did without asking our customers first! Ltrz!" Don't get too attached to reading the always insightful reviews of, "WHEN IS THIS MOVIE COMINGS OUT ON DVD?!?!?!?" or "I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS, BUT I HEARED IT WAS RILLY INTERESTING AND WELL, I'VE GOT 30 MORE CHARACTERS SO, OER)EORPIAOREE!"
@Nic Peterson 9: Huh, what did you say?
Yet we were just talking about their renewed interest in Facebook integration? Guess not.
That's a crazy good amount. It's becoming a very realistic number, and it's certainly good you can reactivate dead computers/devices as you go along. Eventually, I hope to be able to have Netflix streaming no matter where I am. They're making that happen.
I've always had this problem. I shouldn't have to - but every month I have to go through my queue and find the random saved titles that Netflix didn't correctly tag "Blu-ray". It's frustrating that nothing works as it should on a website I am paying to use.
The queue design has been out of date for many years. There's no excuse for why it's so hard to work with. People with big queues full of titles cringe at the thought of even having to move one of the discs around. It's like trying to open a moderately-sized program in Windows - it's guaranteed to lock up completely.
My favorite thing is how I've suddenly rated every season of every show I've watched - including the ones that haven't even debuted on TV yet. Great idea combining them.
Any horror fans out there feeling left out lately? I don't feel like NFLX is buying as much in the genre as they used to. There used to be at least 5 titles a week.
And here I thought you meant that they were bringing back "buy now". That would be the much better approach. You should be able to buy any Blu-ray/DVD you rent on the site, and receive the case for it within a few days after you decide to keep it.
@Tester Go into a Blockbuster that's running a Store Closing sale, and see if the employees care about Blockbuster anymore. Death to major corporations that manhandle America. Bankruptcy is the greatest thing ever.