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The banks try to make it out under the mortgage agreement that usually they have a "right to inspect." Of course that falls under the wording of such. Regardless, when a HO calls the cops when you are on the property and then wants to press charges, you and the police typically have to hash it out in the end. Maybe not right then and there (although you will be delayed spending time at the property), but it will cost you a lot of time and trouble. Was there once. Explained my side to the officer over the phone and never heard back; presumably the charges were dropped/never pursued once they explained things to the homeowner. Regardless, until I moved out of the area, I never stepped foot on the property again.
I've been hit up by people and neighbors for the same reason. Seems like eeveryone is suspicious when you drive around taking photos. Yes it sucks because you need street signs, street "views" etc. The funny thing is because you are (or should be) in the street or your car doing such it IS perfectly legal despite cases trying to prove otherwise! I figured out very early on just under basic intuition to not EVER photograph kids. Sure sometimes it "looks" like you are, but unless I absolutely have to because the kid is in the shot of the house, I strictly avoid it. Even then that was a 1 in 1000 rarity. Unfortunately, people are on high alert/paranoid enough these days as is (I thank DHS partially for that crap). Any inclination you may be shooting kids, well, the above might just happen too. I will at some point get out of the MFS industry because of all the BS and the idiocy that people display these much for trying to do a job!
You would think a simple walk around or *gasp* ring the doorbell/knock on the door would suffice to double-check any occupancy status first before going after the patio door. Wonder if the PP guy was a newbie. A sad welcome to the business if so.
I concur. My area is sporadic in work so it comes and goes, but the jobs are there when they come, it's easy to work with, and the pay always comes in time after the work is submitted. Recommended here!
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Chase inspections are usually OK depending on your area. Just make sure the requirements from your company are simple enough and you don't have to play Sherlock Holmes by taking 27 photos. More often then not it's just leaving a letter and sometimes trying to make contact if it looks like someone is home. A rather reputable company to work for is NCCI (National Creditors Connection) - they offer a variety of work based in areas from simple drive by occupancy checks, to letter deliveries. Pay varies based on the job but the right amount of work would earn a reasonable chunk of change. While a warm transfer is encouraged by a few places (as they can pay more as a "bonus"), I don't believe much in it...if the person was willing to pay or was I wouldn't have to go there. Plus, I get a lot of (I'm sure some truthful) "I just spoke with them a few days ago" stories. In general, the whole industry is a joke. But some types of attempts have to be made...otherwise anyone could rack up debt to the moon and never worry about not paying it back in any shape. Oh, wait the gov already does that...
Sadly your area will determine the amount of work you can possibly do. If there is no reasonably sized city or metro area close by, stay away. I did a rural area once (got rid of it after a while) in which I could get about 5-6 houses an hour in some cases. That's only 20/25 bucks, less the gas/mileage costs which bring it down to between 12 & 15 net. Add another few minutes to upload those houses after and you're making about 10-12 an hour at best. Not worth it. Said area still is troublesome to fill due to pay and overall inspections to do. No surprise. Now, if companies were willing to double up the costs (8-10 per home), THEN it could be potentially worth it.
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I wonder if some of these places just send out stuff because so-and-so is in the state and just have no idea about distance at all.... Or they really don't care :) I wouldn't travel 4 hours for much anyway...
Safeguard: worse than BOA. If you can believe that.
Same here; I have a few companies. Some only send me an order here and there as is, and while I have a couple days to do them typically, if it works better for me on day 3 to do it with others, I do it on day 3. Mainly though because they are not my bread and butter, although they pay a nicer amount per hit. Adding a commercial side soon that'll also help the overall numbers; even if I have nothing else at the moment around or nearby I would easily do one as they pay at least 35+ for it which would account for about 90 minutes of work total (driving, inspecting, uploading).
I've had a couple of foreclosures on my list advertised on Craigslist for rent. One of them eventually had a sign put in the window that says it's not for rent. As to the item bit...I see so much junk left behind it's pathetic. Some of it though IS in good shape. Beyond all of that, the bank is mainly interested in the home and the home only...if items get taken/disappear/what have you, they typically could care less (that and it can be hard to track who exactly did it).
It is a fun industry. Those on the low end see it as a reasonable job and/or are desperate to make any type of money whether full time or "on the side." Heck for me, it sure beats an office gig! I've got a mixture of inspections from the $4 gigs to a soon to be commercial inspection company that has at least some to start (15-20), but pay at minimum 35 a pop. It all adds up if you diversify and have enough companies to choose from at your disposal...
Bottom line...if it's late, it's late and it's an excuse to charge back...even if you're dead. Aside from that, make sure you're in a company that won't charge you back for every last late inspection if they get charged back (unless you have a ton, to which, you probably won't stay on long either way). A good company should bake into the numbers a late % that is "expected" that could be charge backs & balance things appropriately from there.
Thanks Dave for posting the company. I know Richard doesn't like to do such, but you saying Safeguard does not surprise me. While I've never had to work directly for them (I knew better in the beginning from stories), I've gotten a handful of inspection stuff from them as part of a mix (likely as shopping around/comparison work), but also seen some preservation work. It isn't good needless to say...but likely because of such piss-poor payments and requirements across the board. Seeing these new photo requirements is quite frankly disgusting. I thought MCS was getting bad enough with their typical 5-7 photo average per house (of course a lot more for vacants)...I guess not.
Guess I feel fortunate then. $4 per hit with 1 photo typically, a few bucks more for other types here and there, and maybe a handful of "rushes" each month at best. That and almost everything is so clustered together, I can knock them off pretty quickly. Won't be there forever mind you, but compared to the stories I hear, I must be in a good company.
Not even worth it with other costs reimbursed. Of course those would be demanded upfront too, since who knows if they'll even reimburse for it. Next!
These can definitely hurt a bit if you have enough of them. Thankfully I only see a couple here and there and they are easily doable. As to whether or not the letter needs to be in "color" is debatable...
Less profits = less pay for their "employees" and "inspectors." I am done with MCS...gave them one more chance. Worse than when I first dealt with them some years ago.
I've used a few pieces of software and this one is probably the best overall. It really IS that "EZ" to work with.
MCS is definitely one - enough said.
I just posted my information on the directory a week or two ago. Already been contacted by several companies. Do it if you haven't yet!
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I (sadly) have been doing some work for MCS (soon to be no more). I agree with this assessment. The other company I work for, the processing involved is nowhere near as intensive...I can get a large majority of orders done on that one in <30 seconds per, then upload all at once.
While any decent city will have its "ghetto" areas, I agree there are certain ones you are best not to do at all...since if anything happens to you, the company you work for isn't responsible basically since you are an IC. In the meantime, I've gone through the ones I do in some middle-level cities. Not that bad really if you basically keep your nose clean and not talk to really anyone except any homeowner you might come in contact with.
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Hope they make it into the NorthEast/New England region! Good stuff....
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