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I didn't see anything in this story to indicate what time of year they were in Florida. I just checked their website and it seems to indicate that this trip was last November/December.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2013 on Open Mic: Wader Quest in the USA at ABA Blog
Hey John, Maryland does not use closest point of land for it's pelagic boundaries (instead, latitude lines extended east from shore), so to the MD/DCRC, this will be the first state record. We've had this issue come up several times since eBird uses closest point of land. Regardless, it was an awesome bird! There was consensus on the boat that this was the best MD Summer Pelagic ever, but I think there is a pretty good case for removing that "Summer" qualifier. I posted 2 videos to youtube of the Herald, one taken as a naked eye perspective, and another through my binoculars.
Noah, Maryland publishes an annual county lists (and more) document.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2012 on Adventures in County Listing at ABA Blog
Ted, great article! Thought you might be interested in this story from earlier this spring. Back on April 19th, at 10pm, my wife and I were covering up our grill in the driveway, when we heard a weird sound from across the street. We walked down to the street and I said it sounded like a Henslow's Sparrow was calling from the hayfield. That would have been the 2nd county record (Harford County, MD) in 40+ years so we really wanted some additional confirmation. I was able to record the bird from the street on my iPhone and send the recording via text message to several friends. Here is that original recording (headphones helpful): Fortunately, the bird (and 2 more!) stayed for a month before a miscommunication led to the field being mowed. However, that first night I was very thankful to have a quick recording device ready to document the experience. Those birds sang every night starting about 10pm and to me, hearing them at night was much cooler than seeing them in the daytime.
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Jun 29, 2012