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@GMAX I should have listened to you. How can people live in such ignorance. Hell, there was one commenter who said that a 9mm isn't a high powered pistol round!
Actually i'm looking forward to the medical explanation that shows us how a broken nose and two black eyes can magically appear on a persons face 12 hours after that person was apparently assaulted. Seriously? I know YOU won't understand- since you're a poster child for cognitive dissidence- but again, for others on the fence I'm responding. It can be hard to tell a broken nose from a bruised one with an x-ray. And since GZ didn't go to the doctors until the next day, that's easy. Bruises and black eyes can take up to 24 hours to show due to how long it take blood to seem into the surrounding tissues. Haven't you ever run into a doorframe and seen no sign of injury until the next day when a bruise appears? So even if you can't see that on a grainy security footage, that doesn't mean its there. I like how you also ignore the lacerations on the back of the head- which CAN be seen on the footage. you'll see alot of NRA scum who helped draft these SYG laws scurrying out from under the rocks we lift in an effort to understand how this tragedy was allowed to happen. What's wrong with SYG laws? Which, BTW, don't even apply in this case, and which are supported by a majority of the public. This tragedy happened because a kid thought he was tough, and wanted to prove it. It happened because black culture eschews education and responsibility. Its sad, but that is what needs to change.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2012 on Zimmerman Medical Evidence at JustOneMinute
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May 16, 2012