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Matthew Gallaway
Matthew Gallaway is the author of #gods and The Metropolis Case.
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Hey Nadia -- thanks! And yes, I often think about you when it's snowing and sunny at the same time (THE WORST). "Nadia, why is it snowing?" I *do* remember studying all night in college. I don't remember what I studied lol. Do you remember freshman year when someone left a note on your door that said, "I used to live here and it's weird that your name is Nadia."? Or the time someone started a rumor that a house had fallen into one of the gorges? Or the time that girl spent the day rollerskating around the quad playing with a yo-yo and reading a book at the same time? Or the sorority girl who got drunk and fell off a bridge and was saved because she landed on a raccoon? Or our favorite college administrator CLEO BASH? Or the giant footprints on the cabinet in the bathroom? THOSE WERE STRANGE TIMES. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR and yes, let's talk soon :)
Thanks, Kelly -- yes, there's a stultifying quality to so much of what is perceived/promoted as 'gay' and -- even worse -- is accepted as such by many in the 'community.' But as you point out, the best gardens have a wide variety of flowers; let's hope we see more in the next phase :)