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Matthew Goodwin
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I've never understood how people accept the idea that anything has a monetary value at any point other than a transaction where ownership is transfered. If you don't sell it, it doesn't have a value. I've never understood the paying and charging of interest, why not just flat fees for a transaction, money out, pay a fee, money in pay a fee, borrow, pay a fee. Money is supposed to be a medium of exchange, not an asset, not a commodity. Surely the amount of money should be balanced by the requirements of exchange, amount of stuff, demand for stuff, number of service providers, demand for services. How could it be that money is created by debt? What was lent if not money? How can a bank lend money that isn't theirs? How can a bank lend more money than they have? Why look at taxes to deal with a dangerous trend in wealth accumulation, aren't taxes supposed to be for government to pay for the common needs, welfare, the collective requirements for civilization? It seems we've created a system that gives the illusion of safty at the point of each transaction for each player, but maximizes risk to the system as a whole. Perhaps it would be better to turn that around, evey transaction you perform could break you, but the system is stable. In short perhaps we need a non classical ecconomic system, a quantum one. No measurement, no know value, a transaction is a measurement. There is a limit to how much you can know about the transaction, uncertainty must be taken into account. Impossible things aren't impossible just of low probability.
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Rich/establishment: "What are you complaining about?" Poor/subject: "The pain of uncertainty and poverty." Rich/establishment: "What pain, I don't feel anything."
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Apr 23, 2012