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1) Contact Adobe support regarding your CS6 license. Explain that you forgot to deactivate the license on a computer that is no longer in service. They are often able to resolve licensing issues satisfactorily. 2) If you are unable to resolve the CS6 issue, the monthly cost for a Creative Cloud subscription to Lightroom and Photoshop is $10, not $30. The $30 price is for the complete suite (with Illustrator, Premiere, etc.).
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It would be interesting to study the anchoring effect of the example amount ($100 in the screenshot).
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Tim, Frankly, I was just looking at the chart, which shows a strong positive correlation between retail sales and gas prices. I don't understand how the author's claim "It is apparent that a loss in consumer confidence as gas prices rise coincides with a loss in retail sales" is supported by the chart. (It makes sense that high gas prices are correlated with poor consumer confidence--people "want" to buy things that aren't gasoline, and their survey responses presumably reflect that. And if they plotted "retail sales ex-gasoline", I would expect that to decrease with increasing gas prices as well.)
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If someone wrote "Energy sales increased this month due to higher gas prices", I doubt you'd find that surprising. Because you naturally think of "gasoline" as a part of "energy sales". You don't naturally think of "gasoline" as part of retail sales--you think of Walmart and Best Buy. But it is, in fact, a part of the "retail sales" index, and that's what the story was reporting on.
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Tim, yes, that's my understanding. Gasoline sales are a component of retail sales, and sales of gasoline are measured in dollars, not gallons. See, for example, the second chart here.
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Tim, I'm not following your confusion. 1) Gas prices fell. 2) Therefore, gas sales fell. (People buy an approximately constant amount of gasoline per month, so when prices fall considerably, the sales--in dollars--also fall.) 3) Consumers did not spend 100% of their gasoline savings on other retail products, so the decrease in the gasoline sales component of "retail sales" was not offset by increases in other components. Therefore, overall retail sales fell.
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It's not a "supply and demand" story at all... gasoline sales are a part of "retail sales", not an external factor. So they're just saying that the gasoline sales component dragged the overall index down.
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What do you expect for $40 million?
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Great dialog, and Colman's comments about reproducing restaurant dishes got me thinking:
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Oct 3, 2010