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Hi Leah, Shameless plug here. You can do all of that in one seamless experience. Use MapMyRun to plan the route , sync it with your phone, and see your planned route as you're running it in the MapMyRun mobile app
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Agreed, while it might be nice to have a pretty looking diff, it's really a secondary artifact. The new state of the code is more important. For those times when you're interested in the change itself, and a unified diff doesn't represent it well, looking at the the before and after in another comparison tool is better. For exploring all the files touched in a Git commit, I recommend git-diffall ( If you're a Vim user, it plays well with DirDiff ( If you prefer Emacs, I recommend dircmp-mode ( If you're on Windows or a Linux desktop, Beyond Compare ( is a fantastic tool. Beyond Compare in particular lets you tell it a line on each side of the comparison that corresponds to the other side, in case you can do better than what the automatic hunking chose.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2012 on The Tyranny of the Diff at Michael Feathers
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Apr 8, 2012