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Complication: That doesn't really make any sense. Just because I use a different account shouldn't switch servers because you are supposed to be directed to the closest server due to the DNS you are using (my case, Google DNS) So you should be able to switch servers and stay on the same server because they are simply routing you to the best server based on your location, not account. At least, that's how I've heard it described before for Netflix and that makes far more sense. BP: Unlinking and relinking my Roku/computer/etc has never helped. ATT says they don't currently packet shape, so that doesn't make any sense. Even if they did, shouldn't they have been able to tell pretty quickly that I was still accessing netflix since streaming accesses when you start streaming? If they were packet shaping as soon as I started it up again (even on a different server), their computers should have noticed that and start shaping. Therefore, I do not believe it's an ATT issue.
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May 11, 2011