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Meg, I agree - if he's so eager to go into the store, then why is he talking about the online model at all? Just rent-and-return the way it used to be, if that's your preference. As a side note, who the heck is this guy, and why does everyone care what this one person's "preference" is - flocking to it, like it's the final word?
It sounds like Lamarr just needs an RSS feed for HD-DVD releases only. > Wouldn't it be great if you could customize your Netflix home page, like you can with Google? I'm not sure how that would work, since the customized Google home page just creates "widgets" for RSS feeds. You can already include the Netflix RSS feeds on your Google Personalized Home... Although I get what you're saying - in theory it would be cool to customize *something* on the Netflix site. Everything is too locked down.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2006 on Customized Netflix Home Page? at Hacking NetFlix
I fully agree. This is a very good and simple idea. I sometimes read reviews before or during a movie, and I hate having things ruined for me. IMDB does something similar to this. I don't see why Netflix can't.