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Matt Koltermann
New York, NY
Marketing & fundraising technologist for nonprofits. Lover of geek humor, good design, and anything involving cats.
Recent Activity
Great work, Scott! I'll certainly use this to help shape our strategic priorities for the year. Something to consider adding is domain name strategy -- a marketing technologist should be smart about acquiring and leveraging domain names, negotiating transfers, and managing DNS settings. Maybe it would fit under SEO? Web Mechanics?
There's certainly a growing need for nonprofits to have a mobile outreach and engagement strategy! Something to be aware of, though, is that Apple is cracking-down on apps (and "cookie-cutter" app makers) like this that don't really leverage the iPhone as a platform and only pull in RSS content. Here's a great TechCrunch post about this. Designing an application that leverages the mobile context in unique and engaging ways is definitely a big challenge, though -- particularly for resource-strapped nonprofits.