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This online some of the difficulties, both technical and political, in 'turning off' twitter
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this is how totalitarian states establish themselves I imagine. Whittle away personal freedoms under the excuse of it being for the wider good.
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You mention that twitter and Facebook were "were used to spread false rumours, to disrupt vital life saving services such as the Fire and Ambulance". It is true that a lot of false rumours were circulated, particularly on Twitter. But do you seriously want to shut down a social network because it spreads rumours. What about people spreading rumours via word of mouth or email or phone conversations. Will you give Police the power to arrest and charge these people. Looting and violence spread to other cities I imagine because people saw the very graphic images on BBC and Sky News. These were far more powerful than social networks in communicating a perceived break down of law and order to those with a predisposition for violence. So will you go the whole hog and decide that during a time of national crisis we should also have a general media blackout? On the second part of your claim, is there any evidence at all, even a puny scrap, that twitter disrupted vital life saving services? How did this disruption manifest itself? I am afraid that you have shown your real credentials and political thinking here. This is authoritarianism at its very worst and I dearly hope that your bigoted ideas are never implemented.
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this is an excellent blog posting and definitely draws attention to a limitation of BETT as it was this year. Commercially available games when deployed in an educationally appropriate way can be very powerful learning tools and to be honest a lot of expensive 'educational' software looks over priced and amateurish in comparison to these. I think part of the issue here is a cultural one, as many teachers and educational leaders have a knee jerk reaction to commercial computer games seeing them as not appropriate for learning or lacking the necessary vision to incorporate them into their practice. Changing this will take a lot of time, it may not even me possible, but thanks for drawing attention to this important issue.
Good blog posting this drawing attention to a trend which is beginning to gather momentum. I agree completely with the idea that the pedagogy for this is still not fully developed, and also with Neil above that maybe using markers in a spatially distributed learning space, and phone based AR would have lots of potential (a kind of mixed reality version of Futurelabs Savannah project). As always (well nearly always) technology comes first and opens up new possibilities and then the educators come along and have to back-fill the technology with the pedagogic application to make it a worthwhile investment, after having first decided whether it is at all a worthwhile investment. Should be an interesting year ahead for AR and we'll see what propositions are on the table next year at BETT 2011.
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Jan 22, 2010