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"Programmer productivity *measurement* is a myth" oops
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Big +1. Programmer productivity is a myth. Even "business value" is a cop-out. Most of the time there's no way to estimate that ahead of time, and often it's completely out of control of the developer anyway. If Marketing isn't driving anyone to your app/site/etc. then your business value is effectively $0, even if the feature would be absolutely perfect for the people that want it. And, in the sense of a much bigger application, how can you measure the impact of a single feature? You can tell if someone is *using it*, sure. But provided it "works" and meets all the normal requirements (fast etc.) how can you tell if that increased conversions? On a team that is continuously deploying and releasing new features (or tweaks) all the time, tying that back to "business value" is impossible. Ultimately, as has been said, any measurement of "developer productivity" is completely wrong. And, in the interest of lean development, is waste. It's the organization's job to give developers all the support they need to do their job, then trust that they are doing it to the best of their abilities. -- Matt
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Nov 21, 2012