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The humility aspect poses a problem. What sets politicians apart from the other professions you presented is that the politician's ambition often stands in opposition to the population's best interests. If you're a mechanic, you satisfy your ambition by doing your job in a manner that satisfies your consumers' inquiries. The better you are at fixing cars, the more people you'll help, and the more money you'll earn. Your ambitions align with your duties. As a politician, the opposite is often true. As with any profession, politicians seek to expand their own power, but in this case, the politician's quest for power often hurts his constituents. Humility certainly plays an important role, but it's not as if it's a common trait in fields other than politics. It's simply a bigger problem because instead of gaining power by helping people, politicians expand their reach in ways that hurt the general populace.
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Nov 30, 2009