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She looks bad head on because she has Botox and filler in her face which makes it very uneven. There was a pix of her during the retreat with some kind of strange white jacket with a stand up collar that looked like a cupcake wrapper. Her suits don't fit. they are bunched and tight at the upper arms. The problem she has is that the coldness and temper show in her face. It doesn't matter what someone looks like, it is the heart that leads. She has none.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2007 on The Hillary Code at BAGnewsNotes
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This wasn't a good idea. Senator Clinton is so obviously made up, dressed and perched on the couch as if she's going for the screen test for Gone With The Wind. The background of the living room points out that she is a multi-millionaire. She is in a safe setting, where no one can quiz her. The pix isolate her from the general public. She is alone, except for the phoney family photos as everyone knows that the Clintons are the family from hell. Usually it's behind every successful man is a woman, but in her case, it is her husband. The "Let's chat" reminds me of, "Said the spider to the fly". Look at how the generation behind her dresses. She looks like their great-great-great-great grandmother. I went to film school for 4 years. These images look false and she looks like they dug her up out of the grave and propped her up in front of a teleprompter. With the advent of U-Tube, natural is in. You can't fake real. This re-introduction of Senator Clinton won't work. The bit about she's famous, but people don't know her is BS. Her problem is that people do know her. ALSO, this was done on one of the worst days for our US forces in Iraq. The contrast between the blood of our dead and the Iraqi dead and this peaceful, rich environment shows a true disconnect from reality and any sort of caring about anyone other than herself. The fact that it was released on that date of Inaguration day minus two years leads me to suppose that on Inauguation day 2009, Senator Clinton won't be featured at all. Sorry I went on so long, but her image stinks and her "advisors" are as sheltered, insulated and as spoiled as she is. The lack of real world knowledge is frightening to me. This stage craft with the picture of her husband can remind folks that she indeed did "Stand By Her Man".
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2007 on We're In at BAGnewsNotes
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