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That's interesting, Fred; I didn't know that. You're right: the 9/9/76 Oregonian says he was found dead in his car from carbon monoxide poisoning at his home in Vancouver, while he was under investigation for diversion of funds (among other things) for the Portland Labor Center.
Nice piece, Brian. I've had similar thoughts each of the past two Christmases, each of which I've spent traveling to Eugene. Last year, I came home via the Yamhill during a storm that turned into one of those dramatic sunny afternoons. This year, I went south via Silver Falls, and when I finally made it out to I-5 at South Jefferson, I saw the snowcaps of Hood, Jefferson and the Sisters at once in the same wide vista. All of which is to say I most definitely include the Willamette Valley amongst Oregon's greatest natural assets.
Chris, that's a good idea. I'll do that for the rest of the series. The Wells Fargo Building is at SW 6th & Oak, or 309 SW 6th Ave. Jim, thanks for the commentary - it's certainly one with a happy ending. Or rather, a happy non-ending.
Ann, you are of course correct. All my notes say Morris, but somehow I mistyped Harris and copied it a couple times. Thanks for that - it's been fixed.
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Sep 14, 2011