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Blue MauMau
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Joel, I’m glad that my blog made your list. You have the link to Blue MauMau though, which is an online trade journal covering franchise news. My own blog is here: Regarding the online trade journal Blue MauMau, I’m so glad as its founder to see what it has accomplished. CEOs, industry leaders, front-line franchisees and suppliers leak news information to us on a daily basis. That allows our journalists to print the news that no one else seems to get. In your review you mentioned that the complaints about franchising, and franchise brokers, have been reigned in. Actually, these still are posted by readers under some of the articles and in a few forums. Our forums are open, as are the comments under our articles, so remarks that are critical to a franchise concept or broker cannot be “reigned in.” That would go against the public nature of our site and our philosophy. Those comments are immediate proof to the reader that they are getting the full spectrum of truth, and not news that is white-washed by companies. The number that receive complaints is amazingly small, considering there are an estimated 3,500 franchisors out there. We also have advice blogs ( that are written by industry experts in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Those outside of the industry are sometimes invited in to publish on occasion where the industry might have a blind spot, to bring in additional insights. We try hard in our investigative news pieces to uphold journalistic integrity. For example, if Rhonda Sanderson helped Blue MauMau in its public relations efforts (she doesn't), we would have to disclose it to our readers if we listed Sanderson PR as one of our top franchise blog choices. If we failed to do so, our readers would list it, and then they would have us for lunch. Your efforts in writing blogs and comments from a franchise broker perspective in the early days of Blue MauMau is and will always be greatly appreciated. Regards, Don Sniegowski Blue MauMau, Inc. editor
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Mar 11, 2010