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Mark Walters
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Oct 14, 2010
Hey Paddy! I would fully use a trust policy leveraging the Promotional model, where you define a promotion graph from known special purpose git repositories. Using the policy where the end-points pull from a known controlled git repository. Any changes in those authoritative source repo's would be controlled by access for their updates. Those source authoritatives would use the same standard RM/SCM promotional models policies usedin standard VCS, then your production systems would poll and pull any updates. Idea is to not put anything in the staging git authoritativites, which you don't want public/publish; if you do, just push another version into the source points, let the end-points pull. I have used git repos in this way to manage production and pre-release environments regarding our VoIP solution built on centos, asterisk servers, agi code, apache code, and some OS based files up-to-date and sychronized. Works well in a scalable grid based solution to our VoIP Enterprise. And normally I push my changes via proto-types and well formed documentation. :) Hope all is well, miss you guys.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2010 on To Git or Not To Git at 'Ehu Kai
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Oct 14, 2010