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coffs harbour
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sorry but i would join the na 'vi and fight along side of them, it's just like here in Australia where i live, the aborigines got got forced into slavery and work, from the English in the 1900's. so why would you let us destroy the only thing that they've called home. they can't just move to another planet, and walking to a different part of Pandora would be so long and treacherous, it would kill them anyway. so would you rather help them survive or have fun by slaughtering them in thousands.
probably the hallelujah islands, it totally breaks every law of physics, then again the big spiritual place where eywa mother goddess is you know the giant cave like thing with the spiritual rope things are.
i'd say A first then B, u need to see it normal b4 3D
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i bet you liked it, well I've seen it normal this morning and to be honest it really wasn't that bad, but some ppl like to see it in a better qualitiy first like you did but if they didn't like it in 3d they wouldn't bother watching it in normal so thats why i did normal first and then 3d
ok i only saw it today and honestly i couldn't take my eyes off the screen, i think it was just that good, and i hope there will be a 2nd because theres no way you can leave a film... Continue reading
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Dec 21, 2009
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Dec 21, 2009