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Pardon, that's me again. Here it says, cold email is illegal in UK, unless I am missing something: Bummer? Is it legal in US? Or is it like the 55 mph speed limit?
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Hi again, Jill - and the commentators, After years of struggling alone to open up some accounts I now hear voices nearby! By the way, how are you generally called: a salesforce contractor, a sales broker..? Your customers outsource/subcontract their sales to you? Once you won an account, do you later sell them other things/services from other vendors? (Is it appropriate to ask this here? If something is wrong -please forgive me - like I said above, just emerged from a desert after years of wandering alone.)
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Hi, Jill and the readers, Thank you for the post... and for being tolerant to some little sneaky marketeers out there. I recently had a success with cold emailing. That encouraged me to start learning about what I have been doing. Very helpful! 1st thing I checkmarked was - bet you shouldn't be too polite to begin with? E.g., all my recent campaign template displayed in preview was "Hope this message finds you well" (contrary to the mentioned success campaign). Should I drop politeness?! 2 - an unanswered question: it's 2010 now, is a cold email in the way Jill described it still 100% legal everywhere (unlike cold calling)? 3 - Let me wish success to participants in this discussion - proactive people looking for ways to improve.
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Oct 14, 2010