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Oops, no reply since a lot of time? Thanks
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Europe fate is now depend on countries like Greek or Portugal, If they fail to recover their economies, Europe will suffer domino effects.
In a multi-polar world, no one's fate depends on others. Europe can decide its fate. Leona at
I will try to get some of his book to find some quality in them.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on Exclusive interview w/ author Brad Thor at BlackFive
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I am always amazed at the power of music. No wonder he will achieve his goal
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The US is not from Afghan now. Is that a good news?
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Thanks for the post that made clear about genetically modified foods but I have a large farm at home and I will stick to what I produce from it naturally using original seeds. Leona @
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on Perspectives on GM Cotton at Organic_Clothing
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I think typepad is really cool blog platform now. You have a lot of choice in web templates. Leona @ get six pack
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Mar 31, 2011